Blake Weld: Arena of Exchanges Presented by ART ROOM

Blake Weld: Arena of Exchanges presented by ART ROOM

December 7 - December 27, 2018

Reception: December 7, 2018; 6 - 9pm

Art Room presents Arena of Exchanges, a dynamic and interactive art experience created by Denton, TX-based artist Blake Weld. This contemporary exhibition includes large-scale sculptural objects made in 2018.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Weld has utilized a variety of materials to create and manipulate his artwork. From an early age, he exhibited a curiosity for constructing object-based pieces with an interest in experimentation and recontextualization. In the Arena of Exchanges, Weld invites viewers to become active participants with the objects in the exhibition. Asking the audience to engage with the artwork in a physical manner explores relational aesthetics. This term was created by curator Nicholas Bourriaud in the 1990s to describe the propensity to create art inspired by human relations and their physical and social environment.

Directly involving viewers in the exhibition grants them the power to become the focal point of the art and to initiate and produce new meaning to the works. Art Room has the privilege of showing Blake Weld’s work in conjunction with Art Tooth and Fort Worth Community Arts Center’s Family Reunion, which features Fort Worth area collectives and organizations.

About Art Room

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