Immortal Beauty by David Beeri

Immortal Beauty by David Beeri

October 5 - October 26, 2018

Reception: October 5, 2018; 6 - 9pm

In today's age, everything is about money, and this also applies to art more and more. But what I care about is art only. Especially, the original, truly inspired art interests me, which comes from the heart.

With my pictures at this exhibition, I invite the art lovers to an experience, which is not about money, but rather about the perfect Beauty.

Why I call it perfect? Because I present you not only the beauty of the physical world, but the beauty of the heavenly world also. And the combination and spirtualization of these two makes the beauty of my paintings perfect and immortal.

I am convinced that my art takes a determinant place in the history of art, since it shows up the only way, whereart can be continued. So far, art was talking about the three dimensional, physical world, but you will see a completely new, spiritual art at this exhibition, which starts with the fourth dimension, but it also includes all that art has created in the three dimension.

All these might sound strange to you, but let these enthralling artworks themselves convince you of the truth of these.

David Beeri