FWCAC Presents: Through a Scope

Through a Scope

October 5 - October 26, 2018

Reception: October 5, 2018; 6 - 9pm

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is proud to partner with the Botanic Research Institute of Texas to present “Through a Scope”, an exhibition promoting the importance of microorganisms to the ecosystem. Works received for this invitational will focus on organic life seen through a microscope. Through an array of mixed media, artists will shed light on the delicate balance of the ecosystem by addressing the importance of each stage of life. Although each rung of the ladder may seem irrelevant on its own, if enough rungs are missing, the ladder will no longer function. This fact is true in all aspects in our world. To further address these complexities, we are designing a comprehensive educational component for all ages. Ann Ekstrom is the juror for this exhibit. The goal of this exhibition is to bring awareness, open dialogue and knowledge sharing about the current issues around conservation. To accomplish this, we will hold a panel discussion with educators from BRIT, workshops for school-aged children, and an artist talk with our juror, Ann Ekstrom to blend the artistic mind with a scientific approach to the subject. Our hope is to inspire people to take positive steps towards the stewardship for our environment.

Artists: Greg Bahr, Danville Chadbourne, Janet Chaffee, Stephen Daly, Carol Ivey, Jeremy Joel, Bill LeSueur, Layla Luna, Jim Malone, Patrick Mcgrath Muñiz, Adam Palmer, Michael Pavlovsky, Nathan Porterfield, Jo LeMay Rutledge, Luther Smith, Billy Stone, Jay Wilkinson & Ben Willis