The Amalgamation: A Landscape Perceived by Jeremy H Jones

The Amalgamation: A Landscape Perceived by Jeremy H Jones

August 3 - August 27, 2018

Reception: August 3, 2018; 6 - 9pm

The Amalgamation is an installation composed of interchangeable and independent bodies of work that can come together in any quantity or arrangement to turn gallery spaces into expressive landscapes. This work expresses my feelings and ideas and raises questions about the world we live in. What is the human condition? Why are we here? Why do decaying things like rusting metal or chipping paint look so beautiful? Is there something inherently beautiful about the world that makes paint splatters or cloud formations aesthetically pleasing? These are some of the topics that I strive to comment on in this installation. Rusted edges in my work remind people of their mortality. The steel on which my work is created is well designed and strong, but even it will not last forever. Sharpened edges protrude from under the surface of their painted facades and warn about the dangers lurking just under the surface of the world. All the landscapes in The Amalgamation are based on real locations that I have explored. This installation continues to grow as I experience new things, or have time to reflect on things I’ve already experienced. It is a living and inquisitive look into our bitter sweet environment, as well as a look into how that environment has molded me.


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