H3ARTs For Art - 3 Generations by Laura Baker, Tanesa Spence & Laney V

H3ARTs For Art - 3 Generations by Laura Baker, Tanesa Spence & Laney V

July 6 - July 27, 2018

Reception: July 6, 2018; 6 - 9pm

Starting with Matriarch “Queenie Mae”, Laura Baker (who suffered a paralyzing stroke at age 52 and worked diligently to recover the use of her left side) has always used her creativity and eye for design throughout life...becoming seriously engaged in her craft at age 76 and rocking steady to this day with her detailed (I don't know how she does it) graphics! She is an inspiration and encourager to all.

Middle position belongs to Tanesa (those middles, they can have challenges…lol), retired mechanical designer and tired of staying within tolerance of +/- .005; abstract experimental art and out-ofbounds is her jam! Along with abstract art Tanesa has been enjoying travel across Texas with her daughter Laney V to various anime and comic conventions.

Bringing us to Laney, a graduate of University of Texas Arlington, photographer, illustrator and an amazing cartoonist! Entering her second year of artist alleys across Texas as LV23 Studios (@LV.23 studios); Laney enjoys commission work and seeing people smile! That’s our very short story and we are sticking to it! May love and peace be yours today!