Semblance of Prayer: Daily Reflections

Semblance of Prayer: Daily Reflections

May 4 - May 24, 2018

Reception: May 4, 2018; 6 - 9pm

Seasons by Charlotte Seifert

The paintings in this exhibit are reflections of seasons. Seasons of prayer, of weather, of change. The painting titled “Spring” is my response to the joy of springtime, bright greens and pinks and birds and vibrant flowers. II the evening, as I walk my neighborhood, I see the trees and plants that take on a new life as seen in the moonlight. Thus, “Moonlight” is a reflection of these times of contemplation at the end of the day.

“Journey”, a monotype with collage and colored pencil, is about the road I walk, looking for the path that is carved out for me to take. Sometime my view is hindered by shapes and colors that look so good but are only blinding my sight.

Prayer Vessels by Diane Boren

The ceramic pieces in this show are the result of a daily time of prayer that included making a pinch pot each day. In response to feeling empty from life circumstances, I reflected on God’s good hand at work in my life as I formed bowls with my own hands. I refocused my perspective and celebrated the truth that when I am empty and humble, I am most ready to be of service to God, and God’s is faithful to pour into me and fill me. His love can then endlessly overflow out of me and into the lives of others.