Proposals for the Murals at Crockett Row 2018

Proposals for the Murals at Crockett Row 2018 Ends on May 18, 2018 $5.00 USD

The Murals at Crockett Row 2018 Public Art Project OPPORTUNITY: The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is seeking artists to submit proposals for murals to be displayed at three prime locations in the Crockett Row at West 7th destination. Artists are invited to stretch their imagination in the proposed mural location to highlight the creativity, community, and urban identity of Fort Worth.

OBJECTIVE: These proposed murals will set Crockett Row apart in the community by forming an accessible, outdoor gallery that creates a natural complement to the Cultural District of Fort Worth. The murals will create a new definition for Crockett Row while embracing its uniqueness. Artists should reflect on why Crockett Row stands out as Fort Worth’s newest hub for community, art, and innovation in the development of their murals.


Artists should create a visual impact that accentuates the mural locations and their surrounding space through an original use of color, shape, and light.

Artists should pay careful attention on each mural location’s distinctive qualities and work on a mural that brings those qualities to the forefront in compelling way.

Due to the nature of the space murals cannot display nudity, sexual or political themes.


North Central Parking Deck (1)

This scaling wall offers great visibility and a premium canvas. Artists may think of how the use of complex colors and design to make this area loud and impactful.

Approximately 60’ H X 32’ W

North Central Parking Deck (2)

A great canvas with good visibility, the intent for this space is a unique typography mural that Fort Worth can be proud of. (Can also consider merging both locations to be one cohesive piece.)

Approximately 18’ H X 70‘ W

Food Hall Mural

Artists should design a patterned, colorful style to add interest to the area. With all the traffic in the Food Hall, this will offer a great touchpoint for those visiting Crockett Row.

Approximately 25’ H X 80’ W

ABOUT US: Located at 1300 Gendy Street, the FWCAC is part of the most architecturally significant museum districts in the United States. The striking modern Herbert Bayer building (with a later O’Neil Ford addition) opened to the public in 1954 as home to one of the most prestigious and oldest collecting organizations in the state of Texas, the Modern Museum of Fort Worth. When, in 2002, the Modern moved down the street, the Fort Worth Community Arts Center opened. The building has exhibited world class art and supported the performing arts for more than half a century. The Arts Council manages the FWCAC, provides leadership and funding to local arts organizations through our competitive Grants Program and administers the Fort Worth Public Art program.

Crockett Row opened in 2010. The mixed use development celebrates all that is great about our city and our people – art, cuisine, communal gatherings, music, and the outdoors. The five block pedestrian oriented urban village delivers an enchanting blend of experiences in the heart of the cultural district.

SUBMISSION: Proposals will be viewed from images submitted only through the gallery’s online submission. We understand works may not be completed that you wish to exhibit so we ask for a general idea. Please submit images of the artists participating even if those works will not be in the show. If your exhibit includes several artists, please submit works that sum up their style. Images must be JPEGs with minimum width/height of 800 pixels, maximum size as 2MB. Do not use spaces or special characters (!@$, etc) in image file names. Video and audio files can be submitted through links. Please include supply costs, equipment needs, and any additional miscellaneous costs associated with installation.

DEADLINE: All applications must be submitted before midnight (CMT) May 18, 2018. FWCAC will notify accepted applicants only by May 31, 2018.

USE OF IMAGES: Crockett Row retains the right to utilize any image submitted may be used for non-commercial, marketing or promotional purposes directly related to this show. This use may include in any publications, printed materials, advertisements, or electronic media. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.


Please direct all questions to:

Monica Bermea

Site visits available upon request.

If multiple, we can designate a date and time for a property tour.

Please click here to submit a proposal.